Below you will find our policies, rules, community bylaws and association information, along with links to available forms and documents.

Policies & Association Info

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Monthly Association Fees

The 2024 monthly association fee is $397.00 per unit.

The association fees are due the first of each month. Interest and penalty will be added to any amount(s) owed after the 5th of the month. Any amount over 30 days past due will turned over for legal collection.

Your board of directors reviews the monthly association fee every fall, and works very hard to keep the fee as low as possible. The monthly fee can be paid by check or by automatic withdrawal. Please refer to the annual fee notification and coupon payment book (sent in December) for payment options.

Your monthly association fee includes the following services:

  1. Comcast cable television
  2. Comcast High speed Internet
  3. Landscaping and lawn care
  4. Pool care/maintenance
  5. Trash removal and recycling
  6. Outside building maintenance (painting, roof, etc.)
  7. Road maintenance
  8. Pest control
  9. Security service (gate and patrol)
  10. Management services
  11. Street lights and community utilities
  12. Exercise center
  13. Building master insurance
  14. Community commons insurance
  15. Playground
  16. Lake maintenance
  17. Lawn irrigation
  18. Legal services

Pool and Clubhouse Policies

Pool hours are sunrise to sunset, and include the community pool, wading pool and hot tub. The clubhouse is open 5:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Pool Rules:
  • There is no lifeguard  — use of the pool is at your own risk
  • The pool is a nonsmoking area.
  • Children 12 years or younger must accompanied by an adult.
  • Pools use is for owners, renters and guests only.
  • Running in the pool area is not allowed.
  • Proper bathing attire is required at all times.
  • Glass is not permitted.
  • Leaving trash is not permitted.
  • Please close umbrella and store chairs and tables, before leaving.
  • Owners with delinquent fees will be locked out of the pool.
  • Due to health codes, non potty trained children may NOT use the pool.  No diapers or ‘swimmer diapers’ in the pool.  Please use the wading pool.


Clubhouse Rules:
  • After using the exercise equipment make sure to wipe it down with one of the cleaning cloths.
  • All exercise equipment must remain in the exercise room.
  • Please turn off the televisions when you leave.
  • Owners with delinquent fees will be locked out of the clubhouse.

Parking Policies

Parking is only allowed in designated areas that include driveways and marked parking spaces in front of each home.

Parking on the street is NOT allowed at any time.

Parking on any grass surface is NOT allowed at any time.

General Parking Rules:
  • Vehicles parked on the street and/or grass will be towed (at the owner’s expense).
  • Parking on any sidewalk is prohibited.
  • Only two cars per home are allowed, if your unit does NOT have a garage, you may not have a vehicle over 19 feet in length.
  • All vehicles must display a Cypress Landing permanent parking sticker.
  • Parking of commercial vehicles is prohibited.
  • All vehicles must be in operational condition.
  • Owners of homes without a garage have one designated parking space.  An additional vehicle may be parked in a guest space, if available.
  • Parking in “guest” spaces is on a first come, first served basis.
  • Owners of homes with a garage and driveway are expected to use their garage and driveway as parking spaces, and will not be issued a marked parking spot.
Additional visitor parking is available at the clubhouse. Because of the limited amount of parking spaces available, the parking rules are strictly enforced.

Trash/Garbage Policies

A trash compactor and recycle container is located on the corner of Pacific Pines Avenue and Spyglass Hill Lane. The trash compactor is for general household garbage.

The trash compactor area is monitored by video cameras. Any person leaving items outside of the compactor, or creating/leaving a mess will be identified and fined.

Please keep the area neat.

Closing Your House for the Season

Before leaving your house for an extended period

*Set temperature at 82 when the house is empty
*Clean filter and change batteries in thermostat before leaving.

*Shut off valve by the entrance and remove handle.
*Turn off breaker in the garage for the hot water tank.

Read By-Law 22.1
*Fridge: lower temperature and turn off ice maker .Fill jugs with tap water and place in refrigerator (refrigerator will use less energy)
*Run hot water through your garbage disposal let it dry out pour 1 teaspoon vegetable oil into disposal do not run water but turn disposal on for a few seconds
*Unplug electrical appliances and computers, TV (except refrigerator)
*Add 1 cup of bleach to toilet bowls and cover with plastic wrap (prevents evaporation of water)
*Plug all water drains; shower, bath and sink.
*Locking all windows upstairs turn off fan and open all interior doors including closet doors to promote airflow.
*Give the key of your house to a neighbor or a friend to check your property regularly,
*Arrange for hurricane shutter to be installed and removed after the storm. *Remove all furniture from the lanai
*Lock screen door and wedge dowels in patio doors tracks. Lock garage door.
*Don’t forget to take the garbage out.